The Property


Total area of the property is 1.5 hectares/15,000 sq meters/3.707 acres or 3 acres and 3419.8 yd2

On the north side of the property is a seasonal quebrada (stream) bordered by raised rock beds of tropical plants, huge shade trees and our “Area Tranquilo” complete with a gnarled old tree just waiting for a hammock.

To Volcan Baru from Expanded Driveway Area

Landscaped areas with tropical and flowering plants surround the house while the front south side is dedicated to a large, rock accented area containing palms, tropical and flowering shrubs and flowering trees.  The northern front side of the property is enhanced by many mature fruit trees, which include orange, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, guanabana, noni etc.

View Entering DrivewayThis property offers unsurpassed views.  Driving through the front entrance gate you will see the magnificent and ever changing façade of Volcan Baru.  To the right is a vista of the Continental Divide, known as Cordillera de Talamanca.  (Further east it becomes Cordillera Central or Serrania de Tabasara and stretches from Chiriqui to the Panama Canal.  This mountain range is also affectionately known as The Backbone of Panama.)

The property, acquired in 2000, and the house, completed in early 2004, offer many amenities which would be cost prohibitive to emulate today.  A concrete driveway encircles the entire house and allows access to the front entrance for parking under a covered port cochere.  Exit from this front area is around a landscaped, sunken garden where, again you rejoin the main driveway with a right turn towards the main gate.  The main driveway continues around the back of the house, to access the car port and rear entrance and on to the front double doors of the Bodega/Workshop for ease of loading or unloading tools and equipment.

Entrance  Front Gate

Fronting the property on the south is a painted block and concrete wall (427 ft long) with wrought iron trim.  The main gate, of wrought iron, is remote controlled.  This can be opened from the exterior, with either a remote control or a PIN entered into the key pad.  There is, additionally, a buzzer and intercom which connects directly with a central point within the house.  From the house access is permitted via either a switch inside the study/office (with full view of the front area) to open the gates or by using a remote gate opener.  Exit through the gates is either via control from the house or by pressing the button housed in a raised pedestal at the side of the driveway and easily accessible through a driver’s side car window.

Service Delivery GateA second double wrought iron gate is located further east on the front wall.  This was designed to allow access for heavy equipment trucks such as those used for maintenance of the septic tank, delivery of garden materials, construction materials, etc.